8th September:

The last week of BUDL 2015 saw a 3rd place playoff between Waggle's Wonders and A Pull Turnover. MVP has to go to Alex "Bicks" Bickham, who clocked up a total of 11 stats in the match, really finding his form at the end of his second BUDL league (with no training in between the two!), and was a main reason why they took the game away from Ed's team, 13-7.

Next door was the Final between Big Hairy Huckers and Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey. Huckers were favourites coming into the game, having topped the league table, but were missing big players Stan, Endean, Easey and Jamie. SJDFM weren't at full capacity either, with Elliot and Rapo missing, and this really showed in the first few points of the game which were preeeeetty sloppy. Things tightened up though, and although Monkeys went up early, Huckers put the pressure back on and it felt like it could've gone either way towards the end, as Huckers seemed to have the momentum. Monkey held on though, and secured a 15-10 win to become BUDL 2015 Champions!

BUDL 2015 Final video:

21st August:

Big Hairy Huckers faced off against Waggle's Wonders, missing their captain James 'Waggle' Houghton. In a tightly fought contest, hairy huckers pulled ahead by one mid way through the game, and managed to hold this slim advantage to the end, with both teams going blow for blow into the darkness in what was an incredibly even game. 13-11 to Big Hairy Huckers.

Key points drawn from this game (by Glen Newell):

Brew had a silly hat

Rachel was sporting a great kit combo

Stan throws lovely discs, unless it's dark, then throws lovely discs to the floor.

Stan should eat more carrots.

Toto is faster than Gillian.

Brew, as well as having said silly hat, had some of the best long shots in the game, but her stat-chasing shot choices caused additional turnovers. A double-edged sword of a player.

Tom Endean channeled his inner-most Jesus with a divine performance all round.

Brew had a silly hat.

Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey came out strong again against A Pull Turnover, and this time stayed strong even after Roach turned up. A Pull could slow SJDFM down, however sooner or later the disc would be passed into the end zone for 1 point. Shimmy did some good boxing out of Felix at one point, and Elliot made a joke that failed. SJDFM win 15-6.

This means the Finals next week look like this:

1v2: Big Hairy Huckers v Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey

3v4: Waggle's Wonders v A Pull Turnover

14th August:

Week 3 saw most of the BUDL teams really hit stride, although an unfortunate culmination of absences meant A Pull Turnover were very short staffed (5 players) and couldn't challenge Big Hairy Huckers, who won 15-2 to convincingly place themselves at the top of the table going into semis.

Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey had things click for them more this week than the previous two - Waggle's Wonders were unable to find a defence which really troubled them and the Monkeys came out as 15-9 victors, securing 2nd in the table. End of group stage. Next week - semis!

This means the semi final match-ups will be:

Big Hairy Huckers v Waggle's Wonders

Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey v A Pull Turnover

7th August:

Week 2 was maximum exciting!

Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey went up 5-0 against A Pull Turnover and it looked like it was going to be plain sailing. However, A Pull had something to say about that, and started getting some points on the board. Roach turned up late, and went into overdrive mode, getting 10 stats and replacing Filip as Shimmy's main target. Slowly A Pull narrowed the gap, and as SJDFM became increasingly frustrated, A Pull looked like they were going to bring it level. At 14-13, Abi brought down yet another huck to secure the game for SJDFM - 15-13.

On the other field, Waggle's Wonders faced up against Big Hairy Huckers, who only had 7 players this week & were missing their captain! Huckers got a break early on and held it, staying around 2 points clear for the majority of the game, until Waggle's Wonders' zone defence got a crucial turn or two towards the end of the game to put Waggle 14-13 up. Huckers patiently worked it against the zone, stringing together dozens of passes before the score to make it a sudden death game, 14-14. Waggle put up a huck to Amber but it didn't connect, and again Huckers' iron 7 had the disc - a long shot goes to Sam Bonsor who boxes out Bicks and catches the disc for the win! 15-14 to Huckers, their 2nd win of BUDL 2015!

Full stats available here

Next week's games:

SJDFMonkey v Waggle's Wonders

Big Hairy Huckers v A Pull Turnover

31st July:

First week of BUDL is complete!

Waggle's Wonders got off to a bit of a shaky start, missing Kingdo and Gillian hit them hard, although they put up a good fight against A Pull Turnover and the game eventually finished 13-9 to Turnover. Shimmy had a stormer of a game, being involved in 10 of A Pull's 13 scores, Filip (stand-in captain whilst Ed was away this week) was involved in 8 of them too - a combo to watch out for in the future!

In the other match, Big Hairy Huckers hit the ground running, quickly going up against Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey and never really looking back. Stats spread very evenly across the Huckers team - they were only missing Jamie Whiteside, and everybody else on the team got at least 1 score or assist during the game. Super Jet Dinosaur Fun Monkey were missing Rapo and David Soro, with Abi having to leave quite early too, and never quite seemed to click - Huckers took the match 13-7 to put them top of the table.

Here's the current stats table - see here for the full breakdown.

I'll update the Fantasy League standings this week. Next week's games see Waggle's Wonders play Big Hairy Huckers, and SJDFMonkey face up against A Pull Turnover. Hope you enjoyed week 1 and we'll see you next week!

28th July:

The teams have been picked and are available to view on the Teams/Players page!

First games are on Thursday (30th) at 7pm in Wild Park:

Wag's Wonders v A Pull Turnover

SJDFMonkey v Big Hairy

Games will be played to 13 points / 70 mins with a cap of 1, half at 7. Work out any Mixed rules between the captains when you toss, otherwise it's just Open. Enjoy!

22nd July:

Hey BUDLers,

Thanks to everyone for signing up & for your patience through the 2 week delay! I'm happy to say we now have enough sign ups for 4 teams, which is way better than having three!

Captains have been selected and are up on the website, go check them out.

Draft Night is tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm in the Druids, attendance is not mandatory (everyone will still be picked), and week 1's games are next Thursday (30th July) in Wild Park. If you don't see your bio on the website, let me know now!

Each week your team will play 1 game, leading up to semi finals in the penultimate week, and then the legendary BUDL Finals Week on 27th August, followed by celebration drinks in the Druids.

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow night in the Druids from 8pm!



The Brighton Ultimate Draft League (BUDL) brings together all Ultimate players and potential Ultimate players in & around Brighton to compete over the summer. Players sign up to the Draft, then on Draft Night at 8pm everybody meets in The Druids Arms pub and the captains take turns to pick the players they want on their team for the league, before getting to know them better over many drinks.

Teams compete every Thursday from 6:30/7:30pm in Wild Park - map here - for the title of BUDL Champions 2015. After the evening's games are done a bunch of us head to the pub to reflect on the day's play.

This will be the fourth season of BUDL, with 2012, 2013 and 2014 being huge successes (see the 'History' page). For the 2015 season we are hoping to have 10-12 players per team, 4 teams competing, and each team playing once or twice per week.

Sign up now!

Schedule 2015:

Thursday 23rd July: Draft Night 8pm

Thursday 30th July: Week 1

Thursday 6th August: Week 2

Thursday 13th August: Week 3

Thursday 20th August: Week 4
Thursday 27th August:
Finals Week

BUDL 2014 Final:

BUDL 2014 Draft Night: